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So many exciting things are happening!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Hello all,

It'd been a while since I've blogged, we've been so busy! We've got some really exciting stuff happening which is amazing, too much to squeeze into one blog so here are the top 3 headlines:

  1. We released our first 2 online training courses

Yes we finally got our online courses up and running and have been so overwhelmed by the level of uptake and the comments from people who have completed the course. Thank you so much for the feedback and we hope these 2 particular courses gave you an insight into what type of support autistic and adhd children need in school. More courses are on the way, so keep an eye out! To find out more about the courses on offer, click here.

2. You can now pre order our new book, "Parenting Rewired"!

We've written a whole book full of tips and ideas on how to bring up a happy autistic child in a very neurotypical world. You can pre order the book here but keep your eyes peeled for more info too!

3. We have now been awarded our "working towards" status for official accreditation for our courses! This is really exciting as we aim to make our training not only financially accessible but also of the highest standard. You can still continue to sign up as we will offer anyone who has completed the course already the chance to gain an accredited certificate for FREE!

Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list on our homepage and keep up to date with our social media for the latest news. Want special deals? Become a member for FREE! sign up on our homepage to be the first to hear about special offers, news and new products.

Bye for now!

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