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Although many children and young people need to come home and completely relax, for some this can be extremely distressing. You know you have homework and you want to get it done. You may also have a club, or a hobby you want to spend time on. Then there is evening self care that needs to happen before bed. When you're exhausted from the school day it can sometimes be the case that having an evening of free time can be incredibly overwhelming. You don't know how to plan your time, perhaps hyperfocus or being distracted means time isn't used as effectively as you would like. That part of your brain that plans our free time can completely fail and the stress of this can actually cause a meltdown.

Make sure you know whether your child responds better to free time or structured time after school. For those who need structure, we have an 'after school to do list' in our shop for a visual timetable. Activities and reminders can be detached from the board and handed to your child, as verbal reminders can be very overwhelming and can evoke an aggressive or emotional response. With these cards you can help them manage their time and not be too invasive at the same time.

2 sets of cards to choose from and comes with 3 blank cards to add your own tasks and activities.

After school routine board


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