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When you're new to understanding autism and what it may mean for your child, it is very easy to become overwhelmed. There is so much information available online and whilst some is very helpful, it is not always accurate or concise.


Our starter pack brings together a selection of our products that will help you learn the basics and get you started.


It includes:


A welcome letter

Myth busting autism (e-book)

A basic introduction to masking (e-book)

How to talk to your child about autism

Your choice of pack of awareness cards

A choice of either a carers lanyard or communication cards

Handouts on stimming, sensory processing, ADHD and professionals and their roles, all which can be found in our free section.


As well as bringing all these items together in one place, we have given you over £8 worth of savings with this pack.


Perfect for those just starting out or friends and family members looking to learn more.

Starter Pack


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