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Autism Unmasked: Learn the truth about autism

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Discover the real story behind autism in our course, "Autism Unmasked." Many parents, caregivers, and professionals have been misled by inaccurate information, preventing a genuine understanding of autism. It's time to challenge these assumptions and find out what the facts are! This course is made up of 8 short videos, each ranging between 7 and 20 minutes long, so you can watch them when it suits you and go at your own pace! What you'll gain: 🌈 Expert insights into autism's complexities from autistic people themselves 🔍 Accurate knowledge on crucial areas: What Autism is, Therapies, Co-morbidities, Sensory Processing, Meltdowns, Shutdowns, Stimming and Masking 🤝 Equip yourself to truly understand and support autistic individuals Whether you're a parent, educator, or simply curious, these short videos will broaden your knowledge and perspectives. Perfect for family members who want to learn more but don’t have a huge amount of time! Learn from a properly qualified autistic expert who is neurodivergent. Don't settle for misunderstandings—become the expert your child deserves! 🚀

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