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Our books

Autability is pleased to offer a range of books for children, parents and professionals caring for autistic children. 


"Parenting Rewired" is written by neurodivergent parents and offers practical guidance on how to make small changes in parenting style to better support autistic children. 


"Autism & Anxiety" is a guide to supporting anxious autistic children and young people at home or in school while waiting for specialist help. 

"The Wonderful World of Gwen" is the first children's book from Autability. Don't struggle to explain autism to children, simply read this story and complete the fun activities available to go with it!


All books have been reviewed by medical professionals and neurodivergent consultants to ensure accuracy and provide diverse perspectives. Visit the pages for each book below to learn more about these helpful resources.

Lady with glasses sat on a stall reading a book
Image of book called "Parenting Rewired: How to raise a happy autistic child in a very neurotypical world"
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