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Empower your teen to manage their anxiety

As parents/carers, the instinct to shield our children from the stressors of the world is a powerful one. We monitor their behaviours, prepare for potential triggers, and try to buffer them from external pressures that might increase their anxiety. While this protective instinct is natural, it is equally important for teenagers to learn to manage their anxiety on their own as they mature. This transition not only fosters independence but also equips them with essential life skills. 


Benefits of Self-Managed Anxiety in Teens


1. Early Recognition and Intervention


Teens who understand their anxiety are better at recognising the early signs and symptoms. This self-awareness allows for earlier intervention and management, which is often more effective than when others intervene.


2. Independence and Self-Regulation


By learning to modify their thoughts and daily habits, teens gain independence. This prepares them for adult life where they will need to manage their emotions and actions autonomously.


3. Increased Confidence and Social Connection


Understanding anxiety and knowing that others have similar experiences can alleviate feelings of loneliness and alienation among teens. It reassures them that their feelings are normal and shared by their peers.


4. Personal Control and Motivation


When teens learn to control their anxiety independently, they are generally more motivated and proactive in managing their condition. This is in contrast to feeling coerced by others' suggestions or interventions.


Special Considerations for Autistic/ADHD Teens


Teens with autism or ADHD face unique challenges, as their thought processes often differ significantly from those of their neurotypical peers. Advice and guidance can sometimes be perceived as demands, leading to strong reactions. However, tailored resources can help these teens manage their anxiety more effectively.


This book is crafted specifically for teenagers, using language and examples that resonate with their experiences. It covers how anxiety specifically affects individuals with autism and ADHD, offering insights from the perspective of autistic teens. Each chapter provides practical strategies for managing anxiety, making it a go-to resource for repeated reference. 


For Parents, Carers & Teachers

"Autism & Anxiety: The Teenage Edition" is not only a tool for teens but also for parents and carers, offering them a unique insight into the challenges and perspectives of autistic/ADHD individuals. By understanding these perspectives, you can better support your teen's journey toward managing their anxiety and achieving greater independence.

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