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Step into the wonderful world of Gwen, where anything is possible!​​

The first children's book from Autability, 'The Wonderful World of Gwen' takes children on a journey with 3 autistic characters. 

Don't struggle to explain autism to young children, simply read our book with them at bedtime, on the weekend or at school as part of a lesson!

Gwen is a vibrant and unique girl who loves to dance, read and sing! Alongside her two friends, Amir and Toby, who are also autistic, see how they unveil their lives at home and school. 

Discover the incredible similarities and delightful differences that make autistic people so special. Learn what Gwen and her friends need to have an extraordinary day at school and a happy social life. 

Read along with children aged 5 and over, as you explore what helps our characters have brighter days and unravel the reasons why each autistic person needs unique support and understanding.

The 'Wonderful World of Gwen' is the first in a new series of children's books from Autability. In this book, we introduce what it means to be autistic. Keep your eyes peeled for more stories to come, where Gwen and her friends enjoy celebrations, explore the world on holidays and much much more!



The Wonderful World of Gwen


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