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In the workplace

Welcome to "In the workplace", a dedicated space on our website for professionals who work with and support autistic and ADHD children.

Whether you work in a school, foster care, medical care and more, this page is where we post about work place scenarios and the latest research which could have a significant impact on your policies and practices.

All our written articles are from our own personal experience and should not be taken as advice on how to deal with a specific child or situation.

As always, any posts that contain medical information are fact checked by our qualified medical team. Autability comments on relevent neurodevelopmental conditions that are currently listed in the DSM V.


Where there is any speculation on a diagnosis, we encourage professional medical assessments.

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Training programs
Autability training programs

Take a look at the training programs available for professionals! 


Some of our programs are externally accredited by the CPD Standards Authority, the most rigorous accreditation program in the UK and recognised worldwide. You can read more about our accreditation status here.

Autability blogs and articles

Below are blogs and articles written by us either exclusively for Autability, or for external publications.

Blogs and articles
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