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Working with neurodivergent parents

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Working with neurodivergent people is completely different from working with neurotypical people. Why? Because the brain of a neurodivergent person is wired fundamentally differently from the brain of a neurotypical person. A neurodivergent brain processes in a different way, so using a neurotypical style of communication and assuming that messages are received causes high levels of stress, misunderstandings and major difficulties for neurodivergent people. It creates a huge barrier to achieving the goals and understanding that both professional and parents are hoping for. Is it fixable? Absolutely, an understanding of how neurodivergent individuals both communicate and receive information, plus an awareness of different techniques to deal with such communication problems, makes a significant difference to the patient experience and trust developed between professional and patient. This programme will enable you to: 1. Recognise different communication needs within neurodivergent families 2. Understand how to choose the most effective communication style with neurodivergent families 3. Understand the role effective and clear planning plays in developing positive outcomes with neurodivergent families 4. Compose appropriate written communication that embeds trust and reduces anxiety for neurodivergent families 5. Understand how neurodivergent adults process decisions and changes in their child's care At just £9.99, you can't afford not to do this course.

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