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Training bundle discounts

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  • Parent & Carer training bundle

    Perfect for parents, carers, or anyone working with autistic children or young people frequently.
    • "Everything you thought you knew about autism" online videos
    • Everyday Essentials - the key to a calmer child
    • Refer back as many times as you need to
    • This plan is for individual use only
    • Discover your child's sensory profile in 10 steps
    • Save £19.98! Bundle must be purchased before other courses
  • School & education training bundle

    For those interested in training on all areas of school life and education.
    • Receive both primary and secondary school training courses.
    • Save with money with this school bundle deal.
    • Can only be purchased before either course has been started.
    • Don't pay for any overlap in information from either course.
    • Both courses are externally accredited.
    • Receive Preparing Secondary School short course & checklist
    • SAVE £37.98

Check out our training bundle pricing plans to help you save money below!

We know how frustrating it can be when you purchase online courses and there is content you have seen before. We have to make sure each course is as good as it can be, and that means that sometimes we include the same videos or content across different courses.

But don't worry! We have created the training bundles below which allow you to purchase courses in bulk, and save money! Only pay for content once, stopping that frustration when you watch a video you have seen before. We can only offer these bundle discounts in one go, so take a good look at what interests you on our program page, and see how much money you could save!

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