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Switching to Secondary


Dive into our mini-course, where we unwrap the secrets to making your child's leap from primary to secondary school a stress-free adventure! Because every child is unique, as a parent or carer, you hold the key to understanding their specific needs for this next educational phase. Join us as we spotlight crucial topics to focus on before the new school year kicks in: 🌐 Unravel the impact of a new environment on learning. 🧠✨ 🌈 Discover how to ease anxiety and reserve your child's processing power for the school day. 🤝Navigate the introduction to new school staff. 🗣️ Master the art of conveying your child's needs and helping them connect with unfamiliar faces. 🌟 Find inspiration for extra help with friendships, uniform, homework, and organisation. 📚 This course includes a checklist for guiding your child through the transition, ensuring they are prepared and excited for the next exciting chapter in their educational journey! 🎓✨ #SchoolTransitionSuccess #ParentingTips #NextChapterReady

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