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Awareness of autism isn't enough without understanding it...

Society is now far more aware of autism. The other day I heard a parent talking to a child in a shop. They were encouraging the child to accept ear defenders. The parent was talking to a friend and telling them that they need to get their autistic child to wear ear defenders because they are autistic. The friend agreed that they too were aware of the need for autistic people to wear ear defenders. 

Inside I was screaming but was not in a position to talk to them. They needed to be congratulated for being aware that some autistic people wear ear defenders but they had not realised that this was only some autistic people. They had taken one piece of information out of context but with no understanding. 

The child was clearly struggling with the noise of the shop but their distress was greater when they were attempting to put the ear defenders on.

Personally I use noise cancelling air pods and they are the only thing that help me. If I had to wear over the ear headphones I would be uncomfortable and that sensation would over rule the discomfort caused by the noise. 

Having an awareness of autism is great but in order to support someone, understanding is essential.

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