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"I do that too"

We always make clear the importance of acknowledging individual autistic profiles, however there is something reassuring for some autistic people in knowing that their experiences and feelings are not unique.

Last week I was working with a young person who was feeling overwhelmed by their experiences of life. We were discussing a wide range of topics and they had said how they always find buttons fall off coats because they pull at them when fastening and unfastening them.

I agreed that this was something I too had experienced, and likened it to the speed which I need shoes replaced because I walk over on my feet. Their reaction was that of near euphoria.

They would have been less excited if I had offered to transfer then £1 million. They explained that it was the first time anyone had ever said something they found hard which matched with them. In their words it was, “great to not be the only weird one!”

That one passing comment about walking resulted in them feeling a sense of belonging.

So whilst using "I do that too" shouldn't be a way to dilute or make autistic traits seem like they're not a big deal (when to that person it could mean everything), it can be really positive to show young people and children that they're not alone and that there are many others just like them.

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