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Do exams make you feel stressed? "Autism & Exams" can help! This eBook is specially made for neurodivergent teenagers and young people like you who find exams challenging. Whether you're in high school, college, or further education, this book gives you what you need to feel confident and do well in your exams.


Inside, you'll find:

- Easy tips to plan your revision well

- Tricks to help you focus and pay attention

- Ways to manage your time and stay organised

- Advice on explaining what you know clearly

- Example questions and answers to practice with

- Ideas for linking your exam prep to things you enjoy and are good at

- Help with getting extra support or changes if you need them


We know everyone's different, especially those on the spectrum. That's why "Autism & Exams" has a variety of tips to fit your own needs and likes. Whether you have trouble planning, writing, or dealing with changes in routine, this eBook has ideas to help you overcome challenges and reach your academic goals.


Get ready to feel empowered and succeed in your exams with "Autism & Exams" by your side!

Autism & Exams eBook

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