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Be super ready for school with this epic bundle kit! We have all your bases covered in this bundle: Information sheets for teachers on sensory processing, ADHD and stimming (digital). Written by an autistic and ADHD teacher, these information sheets cover the most important parts teachers need to know. Send these to your child's teacher and they will thank you! Sensory information sheet on your child - fill in the form and your child's teacher has an instant sensory profile that they can refer to, with ideas for support (digital). All About Me forms to explain all your child's needs for both primary and secondary school, including an open letter for the staff room (digital). Communication cards for your child to use in school when they aren't feeling confident with words (2 sets to choose from). Fidget keyring for quiet stimming at school and on school transport. Attach to your bag or pencil case or just pop one in your pocket! choose from 5 different designs. All these items retail separately at a total of £17.44 plus postage but this bundle is ony £13.99 WITH FREE POSTAGE!

School support pack

  • All digital files shall be emailed after your purchase within 3 working days. Keyrings and communication cards will be dispatched via standard delivery.

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