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To help you work out if our book is for you, we've written a little overview of what can be found in each chapter.

Let's start at the very beginning....

What do we mean by autism and anxiety? And can you be diagnosed with both? We talk about common myths and the truth behind anxiety in autistic individuals.

Anxiety, autism and cognitive functioning

IQ can play a huge role in the type of anxiety an autistic person experiences. We explain the difference between the two and how presentations differ from each other.

Sensory Processing & Anxiety

We look at how sensory processing affects anxiety, why sensory issues are anxiety provoking and how you can support a child/young person.

Anxiety & boundaries

It's often assumed that autistic children and young people find boundaries anxiety provoking. We explain why this isnt necessarily true and how to use boundaries effectively.

Anxiety and School

We all know school can make autistic children and young people feel anxious, but why is that? We explore the core reasons behind school anxiety.

Social anxiety

One of the most commonly experienced areas of anxiety for autistic people, we look at which factors can trigger social anxiety and how to prevent anxiety occurring when in social situations.

The importance of educating yourself

In order to give an autistic child or young person the best support you can, you need to learn about every event, meeting or activity before you hgo. We list key things to make an anxious child or a host aware of.

Tips on supporting your child

We give practical tips and ideas on how to deal with common scenarios involving autism and anxiety.

Autism, anxiety and sleep


The problems associated with autism and sleep are well known, but what happens when anxiety starts to affect sleep as well?

Events & celebrations

Whether it's birthdays, weddings, Christmas or other religious holidays, we talk about how to prepare and ensure your child is able to enjoy it.

Pathalogical Demand Avoidance

We looks at the challenges faced by both parents and professionals when supporting a child with PDA symptoms.

Toileting & personal care

We talk about challenges with using the toilet and personal care, how to positively support your child and when it's time to think outside the box to help your child's personal care.

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