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Whether you're a parent, carer or professional, we've got all you need for the start of term! 

Parents, carers and family

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Worried about how the return to school might go this September? We've got everything you need to make that transition as smooth as possible at the start of the academic year. Check out some of the ways we can support you below!

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Two of our books have chapters on school, as well as a wealth of information related to supporting your child in their daily life.


We have online courses and videos which look at all areas of school life in both primary and secondary schools. with prices ranging from FREE to £29.99, we've got you covered! 

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Check out our selection of communication aids, sensory toys for school and helpful forms and letters! Tell your child's school all they need to know by using our templates. Feel confident you've given the school all the essential info, and haven't forgotten anything!

Teachers, TA's & Professionals

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With externally accredited CPD training, books on managing pupil's autism and anxiety and, classroom resources, we've got you covered!


Our books will help you understand autism, anxiety and all the surrounding support that a pupil needs to have a great school experience.


We have accredited and non-accredited training on all areas of school, including how to make your school autism friendly!


Check out our classroom resources that can be used in both lesson and pastoral care.

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