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To help you work out if our book is for you, we've written a little overview of what can be found in each chapter.

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A brilliant, practical and accessible guide to parenting autistic children. Punter and Chaney have turned their extensive first-hand experience into a compelling, powerful and comprehensive tool kit for child -led, autism-positive parenting.

Callum Stephen, @autistic_callum_ , blogger on Instagram and Twiiter

What is Autism?

We talk about what autism is and what it is not. Learn the history, viewpoints of the autistic community and how the autistic spectrum isn't just a straight line.

Assessment & diagnosis

We talk about the referral and assessment process so you can fully support your child. Learn why an assessment may not lead to a diagnosis and how to preapre for that.

Starting from scratch

We talk about how understanding your child will unlock their full potential and how autistic brains process the world differently. Forget everything you think you know!

Sensory processing

We talk about diffferent sensory profiles, how to implement effective sensory breaks and how sensory dysregulation contributes to a meltdown.

Parenting principles

We can't tell you how to parent your child exactly, as every autistic person is different. Here we talk about the principles which should guide your parenting style of an autistic child.


We talk about how to find the right education for your child, how to communicate with your child's school and how to apply a holistic process when searching for the right provision.


We talk about what a toy actually is, how to keep play simple and effective and the all important screen time debate.


We talk about the sleep environment, routines and whether medication might be worth discussing with a health professional.

Out & about

Find out how to plan the best day out for your child so it is a success for the whole family.

Events & celebrations

Whether it's birthdays, weddings, Christmas or other religious holidays, we talk about how to prepare and ensure your child is able to enjoy it.

Food, glorious food

Learn from an autistic child as well as adults as we talk about when, where and how to to allow your child to enjoy food.

Toileting & personal care

We talk about challenges with using the toilet and personal care, how to positively support your child and when it's time to think outside the box to help your child's personal care.

Working with professionals

We talk about admin, appointments, complaints and positive relationships with your child's professionals.

Self care as a parent/carer

We talk about what self care actually is and how you can help yourself so that you can be the best for your child.

Advice to ourselves 

Finally, what would we have told ourselves when we were just starting out? We also include advice from other parents and carers.

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