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Some children may write a letter to Santa asking for all the toys they'd love to have! The surprise on Christmas day is a feeling like no other. Not everyone enjoys this feeling though, and the not knowing can cause anxiety and fear. You can't plan social reactions, you can't plan how you will regulate and most of all you can't prepare yourself for how you will feel, good or bad!

So whilst some children send long lists of requests to Santa and his elves, others really benefit from a letter FROM Santa.

Not everyone likes a surprise. For autistic people it can be genuinely terrifying and possibly triggering. This makes for a very stressful and dysregulated Christmas period, which can be very prone to meltdowns, anxiety and even aggression.

There's no reason why children can't know what they're getting for Christmas, from Santa or anyone. "Ruining the surprise" isn't a sad thing for many people. So, if your child doesn't like surprises, here's a free download so you can send them a letter from Santa and any family or friends in advance!

Letter from Santa


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