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The importance of recognition in helping mental health

It's mental health awareness week!

There are many reasons why recognising achievement improves mental health. 

• It boosts self-esteem and self-worth. 

• Fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance within a community or group. 

• Helps with motivation and confidence.

• Helps to create positivity, which improves mental health by reducing stress and increasing happiness. 

Acknowledging achievement to boost mental health is simple. Still, it must be done in a way that is appropriate for the individual. This is especially important for autistic children who may not want public recognition or a big fuss. Charlotte hated receiving prizes at school. She was relieved when the headmistress realised this and would just put certificates in her school bag.  

This approach wouldn't help everyone's self-esteem, though. A couple of years ago, Charlotte's Goddaughter suffered a terrible trauma which had a significant impact on her mental health. Last week, she was publicly awarded a prize at school, and the effect was enormously positive! 

Recognition carried out in the wrong way for an autistic child can have the opposite effect on their mental health, proving how important it is that it is done correctly. It must never be assumed that they do or don't want public recognition. 

Recognition is a fantastic way to boost mental health, but only when done correctly.

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