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New book on autism & anxiety launching soon!

Hello hello!

We've been very quiet for the last couple of months as we have been working away on a number of projects which we hope to share with you all very soon!

We are very excited to announce that in the coming weeks, we will launch a brand new book called, "Autism & Anxiety".

This book is for any parent or professional who needs support and guidance on why autistic children and young people experience anxiety, and how to support them in everyday life.

We have chapters on:

  • Why anxiety occurs

  • Anxiety around education

  • Social anxiety

  • PDA

  • Practical tips and ideas on how to improve your home and school life

  • Plus lots more!

We know many people are stranded by waiting lists and a huge lack of appropriate school places. It's hard to find specific help, so we created this book to help you all. It's been checked by several psychiatrists and specialist nurses, so you can be sure our information is medically accurate.

Keep your eyes peeled for an early bird pre-order discount which we will be announcing soon!

Bye for now,

Charlotte and Danielle

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