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Spectrum 10K

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Autism is a difference, a unique perspective and some would say a gift. Great doctors, scientists, musicians, artists, celebrities, chefs and more have a diagnosis of autism.

I am certain that many parents reading this with an autistic child will agree that their child is awesome and perfect just the way they are.

Autistic people accept that the world isn’t made with them in mind and actually in the grand scheme of things we don’t ask for much. Understanding and acceptance of autism is essential, as are environmental modifications that individuals need to be able to access areas.

What isn’t needed is a cure.

We have been very distressed recently about the autism 10k project and ask you to read the link below. We do not support it. Yesterday the project released a statement apologising for any distress caused and are now looking to work with autistic people and their families. This isn't good enough. Any kind of project where DNA is collected, and talk of pregnancy scanning is mentioned, is absolutely unacceptable.

It is eugenics. Expecting parents could be offered the chance of a termination based on a gene that might suggest autism. There is no understanding of the condition. There is no education. There is no talk of spending this insane amount of money on environmental adaptations which could prove life changing for autistic people.

We encourage you to read the article below and follow Boycott Spectrum 10K

The article explains the reasons why this study should be cancelled completely and we fully support the cause.

Autism should be understood and accepted, not studied with a view to spotting it before the child is even born into this world.

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